11 Sep 2011

Remembering The First Time

I remember...
When the first time I saw you..
It was at the park..
I began realize something special on you..
I remember...
When the first time I talk with you..
I tried to make a brave..
When you answered my question, my heart can't stop beating when I saw your smile to me..
I remember...
The first time you gave me a help..
I started know u're a kind person..
Not just kind, but also funny and friendly..
I remember...
The first emergency message..
U're not in a good condition, but you could it..
I was really thankfull of that..

But now..
Finally, I realize that just make me feel sick enough to die..
It is only a dream..
Now, I awake..
And try to forget it and walk on my real steps..
Without you..

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