21 Mei 2012

TaeYang's Profile

Aku nggak tahu sejak kapan jadi fans-nya Taeyang secara pasti. Padahal aku udah suka lagu-lagunya Big Bang sejak SMP :)
Awalnya dari suka lagunya Big Bang, terus mulai cari tau tentang para membernya.
Dan kemudian, mulailah aku menyukai TaeYang #jreeng
Soalnya menurutku, he's look like someone :D

TaeYang Big Bang
This is his Profile :
Stage Name: 태양 TAEYANG
Stage Names in Big Bang: Tae Yang, SOL
Position: Vocalist / Choreographer
Former Stage Name: YB Tae Kwon (YB 태권)
Real Name: Dong Young Bae (동영배)
D.O.B.: May 18, 1988
Height & Weight: 174 cm / 56 kg
Blood Type: AB
Debut: YG Family 2nd Album (2002)
Education: Daejin University in Theater & Film
Specialty : Rapping, dancing, beat boxing, singing, & foreign languages (Japanese & Chinese).
Hobby : Gardening, listening to music, watching TV, & BasketBall
Personality : Does his best in everything, over-achiever.
Doesn’t like to fight, he talks about his problem with the opponent.
He listens to you well and thinks about what he is going to say before he says anything.
Likes : church, summer, clothes, games, and mangas.
Musicians he admires : Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake

Tae Yang has been with G-D in YG Entertainment since he was 12. He started out as a rapper but is now one of the vocalists of Big Bang. He was known for being scared of girls, and is still known as the shy, sweet and sensitive one in the group. Currently,Tae Yang is the first one to release the solo album from Big Bang.
Wedding Dress will be released by Tae yang on November 13th as a digital single along with a music video.
TaeYang's smile
2005.05.22 TAEYANG First Solo Mini Album [HOT]
2008.02 BIGBANG [BIGBANG is Great] Concert CD/DVD
2007.01 BIGBANG First Japanese Mini Album [For The World]
2007.11 BIGBANG 2nd Mini Album [Hot Issue]
2007.10 KIM JO HAN Vol. 5 [Soul Family with JOHAN] Featured in: ‘조금만 사랑할걸 (I Should’ve Loved You Less)’
2007.08 BIGBANG 1st Mini Album [Always]
2007.04 LEXY 3rd Album [RUSH] Featured in: ‘Get Up’, ‘Rush’, ‘Super Fly’
2007.02 BIGBANG [The Real] CD/DVD
2006.12 BIGBANG 1st Album [Vol.1 Since 2007]
2006.11 SE7EN 4th Album [Se7olution] Featured in: ‘허락해줘 (Accept Me)’
2006.11 BIGBANG 3rd Single Album
2006.09 BIGBANG 2nd Single Album
2006.08 BIGBANG 1st Single Album
2006.03 SE7EN 3rd Album [24/7] Featured in: ‘Run’
2003.08 Wheesung 2nd Album [It's Real] Featured in: ‘Player’
2002.10. YG FAMILY 2nd Album [Vol.2 97-YG-02 Why Be Normal] Featured in: ‘저 높은곳에 펼쳐 (Unfold At A Higher Place)’

– 2008 April 18th – 2008 Nick Korea Kids Choice Awards – ‘Best Male Singer’
– 2008 5th Annual Korean People’s Music Choice Award. Netizen Award – ‘Dance & Electronic Section Prize’
– 2008 January 31st – 17th Hiwon Seoul Music Awards – ‘Digital Music Award’
– 2008 January 31st – 17th Hiwon Seoul Music Awards – ‘Top Artist Award’ (Bonsang)
– 2008 January 31st – 17th Hiwon Seoul Music Awards – ‘Artist Of The Year (DAESANG)
– 2007 December 14th -The 22nd M.net Golden Disk Awards – Disk Bonsang
– 2007 December 7th – MBC 8th Korean Visual Arts Festival – ‘Male Singer Photogenic Award’
– 2007 November 17th – MKMF (Mnet KM Music Festival) – ‘Song Of The Year’ / Big Bang “Lie”
– 2007 November 17th – MKMF (Mnet KM Music Festival) – ‘Best Male Group’ / Big Bang “Lie”
– 2007 October 18th – Cyworld Digital Music Awards – ‘Song of the Month (September’ / “Lie”
– 2007 September 12th – Cyworld Digital Music Awards – ‘Song Of The Month (August)’ / “Lie”
– 2006 November 10th – Cyworld Digital Music Awards – ‘Rookie Of The Month (October)’ / “La La La”
Wheesung – It’s Real (Track 7. Player)
Se7en – 24/7 (Track 14. Run w/ GD)
Se7en – Vol 4 Se7olution (Track 12. Please Give Me Permission)
Lexy – Rush (Track 1. Get Up (Intro)) (Track 2. Rush) (Track 7. Super Fly w/ GD and T.O.P)
1TYM MV – Hot 뜨거
Swit’s 1st album
Masta Wu’s 1st Album
YG Family ON
YMGA – Made In R.O.K. (Track 5. Real Talk)
Taeyang & T.O.P – 친구 (Chingu; Friend; Our Legend) Digital Single

G-Dragon – Korean Dream [G-Dragon's first Album Heartbreaker]

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