15 Jul 2015

A New Life Begin Now

Hello world..I'm coming back here.
It's been a long time yaa :D But here I go now. 
A long time ago, I just a Senior High School girl. hahaha. But, I think I get mature now. I've been working since finished my high school period. Hikss.. feels like getting older now :&

It's Okay.. Let's start a new life from now. It seems hard, but when we let the time flow up, it looks like easy. 

I remember when I just graduated 2 years ago. I really want to continue my study to university. And it seems easy, because I got an invitation to get a chair in an University in Bali. Yaah.. everybody were happy about that. Except me.

It sounded good, but in other side, I got a new job too. It means, if I took this job, I couldn't take my study. So how now? I should take now. Then, with a half spirit, I picked the job.

Yah, I don't think everybody were glad to hear that. Because, it's not easy actually to get free invitation in an university like that. Some people even have to take a harder national exam to get a ticket for continuing their study to university. But, you know? It's not easy to take a chose.

If I take the study, I only can focus to study the literature. Meanwhile in other side, I really aimed to study French which I can't take in Bali due to no faculty of French Literature. So, I think if I take the job, then I can study French in a course with my salary. If I take the study, I can't go for learning French in Bali, because I know, it's expensive, and I won't to ask more money from my parents for that. Furthermore, I think when I graduated in university, it's not easy to get a job like now. Never refused an opportunity in front of your face.

I tried to close my ears from people who bombed my mind of being frightened of this reality :(
You know, they always scared my future if I didn't continue my study. Whereas, I never said I will never continue my study, I just delay it.

Whatever, it's not the end of my life. My simple life still continue. Now, I'm able to speak French and working in an representative office of foreign travel agent in a local agent in Bali. It's good for me. I learn a new life, getting what I want, enjoy my life. And the best thing, I get my own money from the way that I really want. 

And I never forget my study too. I really want to continue it next year after finishing my course with higher level to get a higher certificate of language ability.

I feel better with this result. And never feel doubt with my intuition. I just keep in my mind that it's still the start. Never feel satisfied with temporary result. 

Just sharing with you guys, due to this is your life, don't be what people want. They don't spend their life only care of you a whole life. Don't force yourself of being look good in front of some people, meanwhile inside your heart feels really hurt. Sometimes, a little broken heart can make a big broken life.

Take care yourself, and enjoy your life :)


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